NeuroCranial Restructuring has many potential benefits:
Your face may become more symmetrical.
Broken, crooked and hooked noses can straighten.
Cheek bones may rise to the same level, so you have fashionably high cheekbones without painful and expensive reconstructive surgery.
Your eyes may appear equally proportioned and balanced.
Offset ears could line up so one side of your head does not look higher.
Narrow pinched faces can become fuller and more attractive.
Your mouth may appear even as your lips balance and your smile looks sincere.
Your wrinkles might diminish as your brain expands to its full capacity.
All your facial features can become balanced and more radiant.
Bulges in your forehead may disappear as you skull takes on its natural proportions.

Frequently Asked Questions About NeuroCranial Restructuring

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I. Philosophy of NCR

  • What is NCR?
  • How does NCR represent a new paradigm shift in healing?
  • Why arenít good diet, exercise and rest enough to correct all my health problems and to optimize my structure?
  • Why does NCR help so many diverse conditions?
  • How do you know NCR works?
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II. General Information

  • Can everyone benefit from NCR?
  • How many treatments do I need? Why do some people need more treatments than others do?
  • Do a lot of people return for further treatment?
  • How long does each treatment take?
  • Why do you schedule treatments four days in a row? Is there a limit to how many treatments I should get in a row? How long should I wait between sequences?
  • Why do you take pictures before and after each series?
  • How long can I keep getting benefits from each treatment series and from NCR in general?
  • How long after having a fracture to my nose can I begin treatment? What are the precautions in treating me?
  • What are the youngest and the oldest ages you can treat with NCR?
  • Will I feel okay to go out to eat after a treatment? What about eating before my treatment?
  • Do other doctors practice NCR?
  • Who is eligible to be trained as a NCR therapist? How long does the initial training take and what does it cost?
  • What's involved in my being a patient for a student doctor during one of the NCR training courses? How much does it cost to be seen by a student doctor?
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III. Anatomy, Structure and NCR

  • Why does my spine and whole nervous system shift from moving my head?
  • What causes my cranial bones to become unbalanced in the first place?
  • How does moving my sphenoid move all the other cranial bones?
  • How can my skull, which is made of bone, expand and contract?
  • How do my neurotransmitter levels change from receiving treatment?
  • Can NCR prevent or reverse age-related stooping?
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IV. NCR Technique

  • How do you diagnose how many balloons to use and where?
  • What happens when the balloons are inflated?
  • What does depth of balloons mean?
  • Why is there a special massage before the balloons?
  • Why do you place my body in a special position during treatment?
  • Is there anything I can do to accelerate my progress with NCR?
  • Is there anything that impedes my progress with NCR? What should I avoid?
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