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"Personal Testimonials About The Benefits Patients Have Received From Neurocranial Restructuring Therapy"



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a personal testimonial
about  NCR from Patrice Banks.

Patrice Bank's  personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Dean Howell: "Patrice Banks is the feature of our next section. Patrice had many complaints arise after a fall where she hit her head hard on some steel railings. She after that had so many different kinds of symptoms that no one knew what to do. And fortunately, a doctor that used to work for me, was Patriceís family practice doctor and knew enough to send her to me for care. Weíll let Patrice tell you the rest."

Patrice Banks: "I found about Dr. Howell through my naturopathic doctor that had worked with him and my doctor knew that I had had some, you know, trauma to the head, and also with my mercury poisoning that I have which can be very neurological and affect you very greatly physically and emotionally."

Patrice Banks: "And so she had recommended that I come to Dr. Howell. She felt that it would help me greatly in both of the problems that I had with my health. And, so I am on my second series, and after my first series that I did, I had pretty incredible results, especially with how I felt emotionally."

Patrice Banks: "I just have felt a lot happier, a lot more outgoing, ways that I used to feel before, you know, many years ago. I have been able to build more muscle mass, whereas I wasnít able to before. It just seems like itís enabled me and helped me be able to gain strength in working out with weights."

Patrice Banks: "And, itís just been a great mood elevator, especially with how you know, head trauma and mercury affect how you feel emotionally. And so thatís been the greatest thing and itís also helped with any, you know, headaches that I had."

Patrice Banks: "It just seemed like I have a better range of motion and in general, itís just been a tremendous boost to all the other things that Iíve been doing. This is the one thatís really changed, I say changed my life, and it really has, more than anything that Iíve done. So you know, I canít say enough good things about it.



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a personal testimonial
about NCR fr
om Katherine McMillin.

Katherine McMillin's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Dean Howell: "Our next sequence features Katherine McMillan. Katherine came to see me originally during one of my training courses because she suffers from multiple chemical sensitivities and Fibromyalgia. You wouldnít think that a person with these kinds of complaints would want to come to someone who does structural work, but you know, that is the third leg in how to find health.

Dr. Dean Howell: "One is to work with your lifestyle. Two is to detoxify to get rid of the chemicals that have been stored up in your past. And, three you need to optimize structure so that your nervous system can work its best, because with your nervous system working properly, you get the proper signals to your immune system, your digestive system, as well as your muscles, in order to work your best."

Dr. Dean Howell: "So the chemical sensitivities, neurosthenias, Fibromyalgia, all of these kinds of people need to be doing the other biochemical work and working with detoxification and lifestyle, but they also need the structural work of NeuroCranial Restructuring.

Katherine McMillin: "I want to say, first of all, that this has changed my life. This has changed my life already. This is my second series. Iím in the middle of my second series. And itís changed my life. I have been looking since 1991 for something that would make a difference in my life."

Katherine McMillin: "And, I finally found Dr. Howell. I knew six years ago that I wanted to go to him when I first heard about him. And it wasnít until, and I couldnít work it out. First of all, he was always out of town. I was too ill to come here. I couldnít afford it."

Katherine McMillin: "It finally worked out and itís amazing. Itís a miracle. Itís the thing that I always hoped existed in the world, but I hadnít quite found it."

Katherine McMillin: "In 1991, I was visiting with some friends on Mercer Island and we were sitting outside and all of a sudden, I became ill. I lost part of my eyesight, I couldnít breathe, I lost part of my hearing just instantly.

Katherine McMillin: "I was just sitting there. Itís unseasonably warm, itís April 1, 1991. She, my hostess, suggested we go outside. Weíre sitting outside and I became ill."

Katherine McMillin: "She knew this doctor in Kent whoís a holistic/MD/alternative medicine doctor. She drove me there. She became ill on the way. They have this very sophisticated computer system down there."

Katherine McMillin: "They put me on the computer system. They hook you up with these electrodes, and they said, "You have been exposed to a carcinogen." They went further on into the computer system and they found that it was a substance called Zylene."

Katherine McMillin: "Well it took us. I almost died from it. She was very, very ill. One of her dogs is still ill to this day. She was told to never ever have children, like my girlfriend, because of the damage to her because of this chemical, which turned out to be Zylene.

Katherine McMillin: "And it was from the road crew. The DOT was spray-painting the retaining walls on that I90 project on the southernmost side. And, the north wind was coming and it blew it all up into our neighborhood. And a lot of us were poisoned. We werenít the only ones."

Katherine McMillin: "Well, I almost died from that. I ended up weighing about 82 pounds and my hair broke off to about Ĺ inch, and it wacked out my immune system. I became, I was allergic to everything. I was allergic to my own body. I became autoimmune."

Katherine McMillin: "When I went to the doctor, he did a series of blood and urine chemistry and he found out I also had toxic amounts of lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. And, we think itís because I was born and raised by the Tacoma smelter."

Katherine McMillin: "So it was, I had never felt well for a lot of years and I thought it was just because of stress and you know, life. And when I had the chemical poisoning, it was so much of an overload, my body couldnít handle it."

Katherine McMillin: "So I have spent the last nine years trying, looking for something. I tried traditional allopathic medicine, which did nothing but make me worse and almost killed me. It set me back time and time again."

Katherine McMillin:  I went to acupuncturists. I have been to, I donít even know how many chiropractors and osteopaths Iíve been to. And of course, everybody I went to thought they had the answer. They thought they were the one."

Katherine McMillin: "And, I tried everything. I delved even into the area of 'snake oils," not literally, but things that were non-traditional...very, very cutting edge and very progressive, very alternative, looking for something, looking for something, anything."

Katherine McMillin:  "And, I knew my structure was off because of the way I walked, because I had one shoulder lower than the other because my body is off and because I have constant pain in my body. And it became worse after having chemical poisoning."

Katherine McMillin: "Another thing, the most important thing to me, through all of the work with Dr. Howell, is that along with this, my body being ill, I was depressed. Itís what they call an endogenous depression where the whole organism becomes depressed, because the nervous system is so out of balance and/or nonfunctioning."

Katherine McMillin: "So, the depression, when I was younger, I never thought of myself as a really gorgeous person. But I always attracted people. People were always attracted to me...men, women and children and animals. I have always had that. And I havenít had that since Iíve been sick."

Katherine McMillin: "I felt that I was, I always said to my friends, I felt invisible. And the first treatment I ever had with Dr. Howell, that instantly, miraculously went away. And I donít have the words to say. I donít know how to say it except that, 'I came out again.'"

Katherine McMillin: "And I felt that I, he unleashed something here, he unlatched something or he opened something, and life came pouring into me. And I would just feel alive. And I have no depression. And my pain is gone. And I sleep at night. And I am happy to be alive. All that Iíve been through, I am happy to be alive and I know there is an answer. "

Katherine McMillin: "Iíve been in a couple of automobile accidents. My bite is also off. I have had some really horrendous head injuries. And I didnít think there was any hope."

Katherine McMillin: "All the cranial work Iíve had, the restructuring, didnít work. But this is the first thing thatís made an immediate and miraculous, I donít know what else to say. Itís just fabulous. I want, and he is so, he takes such a complete comprehensive view. I still have a ways to go. Iíve only had six treatments. But for a lifetime of damage, I think Iím doing pretty well."


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a personal testimonial
about NCR from Marisa Clayton.

Marisa Clayton's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Dean Howell: "Marisa Clayton is the next testimonial. Marissa is my niece and I began working on Marissa when she was six months old. Over the years, not only has Marissa changed, of course, she has grown up and is a lovely young model at this point, but also she seemed to work change from its original bilateral nasal specific, a treatment that goes back to the 1930s that I started with and all this various etiologies to become NeuroCranial Restructuring. She has seen a lot. She has a lot to tell and I think that you should here it from her right now."

Marisa Clayton: "Well, fortunately I have had the opportunity to be Dean's niece. And Iíve had cranials my whole life. When he first started doing treatments, I would have like ten on one nose and six on the other sometimes and now he had like just one. So itís really improved. And every time I see him he has a new technique and it makes it better so itís really good."

Marisa Clayton: "Iíve had a lot of sinus problems when I was like really, really young. Like, kids in school would call me 'booger queen' and stuff like that, but Dean fixed all that."

Marisa Clayton: "Iíve gotten in two car accidents this past year and thank God for Uncle Dean or else Iíd be in a lot of pain. And, I am able to move and I do yoga and I do dancing and I also do professional modeling.

Marisa Clayton: "And, as a model, like, features are really, really important and clients like me because my features are even, like the shape of my eyes and my cheekbones and my jaw line and I have a straight back and it helps on runway just walking because youíreóyouíre more balanced."

Marisa Clayton: "But anyways, my whole family has had the NCR treatment and my mom, sheósheís really fortunate to have a brother who is in charge of it. And, my sister and her boyfriend, and her boyfriend, who actually just got it done for the first time a few days ago, I could already tell his cheekbones are coming out and heís in so much of a happier mood."

Marisa Clayton: "Like, yesterday after my treatment I just started laughing afterwards. I couldnít stop but, I felt really dingy but it does change your personality after you change."

Marisa Clayton: "Like, sometimes Iíll be in a really, really bad mood because my back would be in so much pain and then after the treatment itís like, 'Ahhhh,' you know, itís like a deep breath and deep sigh and itís like a total change in your personality and the way you feel."

Marisa Clayton: "One thing that I think was really, really cool... when my brother was born he had his umbilical cord wrapped around his throat and he couldnít breathe. And, Uncle Dean was there and, just being born, he had little balloons and he used it on him and it saved his life."

Marisa Clayton: "So that was really wonderful and kind of sunk in. Also, another thing that I want to say is that Iíve learned a lot about like using pressure points on someoneís back and I see people who have to go through back surgery and I feel really, really sorry for them because itís not necessary. And, I donítóI recommend this for anyone whether youíre a football player or just a regular person who got in a serious car accident.

Marisa Clayton: "Anything! It totally helps. And I think itís made me taller. The doctor said I would be 5í4" and Iím 5í10" so.


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a personal testimonial
about NCR from Laurel Moorhouse.

Laurel Morhouse's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Dean Howell: "This next section features Laurel Moorhouse, who came to me for the multiple symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS."

Dr. Dean Howell: "You would not think that someone that is chronically tired would look for a treatment like NeuroCranial Restructuring, but with some of her complaints, seizures, headaches, chronic neck pain and more, she was receiving no relief from taking nutritional supplements, drugs or getting other kinds of therapies.

Dr. Dean Howell: "We see this with many people with chronic fatigue. They just like the people that we discussed at other times with Fibromyalgia and other conditions, they all have numerous biochemical problems, but they also have structural problems that are preventing their nervous system from working as it should, and without an optimized functioning nervous system, without that going on, the rest of the biochemistry cannot work right either. For more on this, let us hear Laurel right now.

Laurel Moorhouse: "My name is Laurel and when I first saw Dr. Howell, I had chronic fatigue syndrome for 6 Ĺ years. I had been to other doctors in the natural health field, alternative medicine doctors, some MDs, and had tried a number of different ways to get myself back on my feet and just feel healthy again.

Laurel Moorhouse: "But, none of the treatments that I tried addressed nything to do with my neurologic symptoms, including foggy brain, lack of concentration, seizures, poor memory, some of those issues, that just nothing was addressing them."

Laurel Moorhouse: " I was feeling better somewhat physically but, still because of that, I wasnít able to return to work and for 6 Ĺ years, I didnít work. And, when I heard about Dr. Howell, he just seemed to really fill in a piece of that puzzle, especially when I heard him talk about what his treatment does and what your benefits can be from that."

Laurel Moorhouse: "And so after just a few treatments with him, I was able to go back to work, which just surprised me. After just a couple of treatments, my brain function cleared up. I did not have that foggy brain problem any more."

Laurel Moorhouse: "A few more treatments, and I had no more seizures. A lot of these symptoms are not talked about in regards to chronic fatigue in a lot of the literature, and I just had not had help anywhere else. And, he just, if it had not been for his treatment, I just do not know where I would be today because I would not be able to work because of these other neurologic symptoms going on. And I am just really grateful to him for that.


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a personal testimonial
about NCR from Karen Jensen.

Karen Jensen's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Dean Howell: "Our first person today is Karen Jensen, who just by chance grew up with me in my home town of Everett, Washington. And, she, amongst other things, is going to talk about her improvements in her vision."

Dr. Dean Howell: "NeuroCranial Restructuring often improves vision because of the way the head bones move. You know, there are bones that make up your eye socket...the orbits of the eyes, they're called. And as NeuroCranial Restructuring optimizes your head shape Ė as it optimizes, the symmetry and the positioning of these bones improve so that the eyes work more and more together, sharpening images and improving depth perception. So here's Karen."

Karen Jensen: "I grew up with Dr. Howell in Everett and we went from grade school all the way up through high school together and then my girlfriend that lives in the same building that I do was seeing Dr. Howell in Everett and she convinced me to come, you know, and see Dr. Howell and since I already knew him, it was quite a surprise that I had gone to school with him."

Karen Jensen: "And he had made a tremendous difference in her life and I've only had one series with Dr. Howell but, after the very first treatment, my balance was remarkably improved. And, the second treatments he was able to open up my nasal passages."

Karen Jensen: "I was raised with twin brothers two years younger than myself and they were real rambunctious and they broke my nose at least five or six times while we were growing up. So my nasal passage is completely blocked, like 90 percent, and Dr. Howell was able to get movement and it's 100 percent open now. It's really nice to be able to get oxygen through your nose and not have to be a mouth breather anymore."

Karen Jensen: "And, two weeks after the treatment I was riding a bus and I heard this really loud cracking sound. And all of a sudden everything just brightened up but like the room got real bright. Colors were more vibrant and the man that was sitting next to me asked me if, you know, 'What's that loud cracking noises." And, I said well you're not going to believe it but it was the bones in my head. And, of course, he did think I was a nut but that doesn't matter to me because it really, it was just fabulous."

Karen Jensen: "I mean this, because, I'm an artist and to be able to see things brighter and more vibrant. So the nerve, the optical nerve, must have been pinched or something for that reaction to happen."

Karen Jensen: "And about three weeks afterwards, I was sitting in church and I heard another really loud pop and the small of my back pushed right into the pew and I've had a, what do you call that, swayback for quite a few years since a real bad accident I was in in 1979. And, I haven't been able to put my back down flat into the pew, in, you know, in 20 years."

Karen Jensen: "So it was just...it was amazing because I didn't move. I didn't adjust my pelvis. It just went into the pew. And, so my balance is better. I'm able to get around. I don't have bruises from head to toe anymore."

Karen Jensen: "And I'm hoping that I can continue to have more series with Dr. Howell because I would to get more, you know, results. But, the most remarkable one was the improvement in my vision. It was just incredible!"


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a personal testimonial
about NCR from June Roton.

June Rhoton's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy

Dr. Dean Howell: "This is a testimonial of June Roton. June came to see me originally for anxiety coupled with obsessive compulsive disorder. People with these sorts of complaints often use medications to try to keep their brains feeling more normal and functional, but, as soon as they stop the medications they do not feel as good again."

Dr. Dean Howell: "And, more than that, taking these medications often times makes them feel more stable, but not feel good. All of these psychiatric medications are designed to change the chemicals in the brain, the neurotransmitters and to modify those levels throughout the nervous systems."

Dr. Dean Howell: "What you can do with NeuroCranial Restructuring is to move the head plate so that the flow of blood and cerebro-spinal fluid inside the skull gradually optimizes. And, as that occurs, nervous system functions begin to normalize as well.

June Rhoton: "My name is June Roton and I have been seeing Dr. Howell since 1997. And, I saw him initially for two reasons, my upper back problems...pain in my upper back just from standing a long time or sitting because of my posture and also because of obsessive compulsive disorder.

June Rhoton: "And, he has helped me in both of those areas tremendously. The posture, I suppose can best be seen by before and after pictures, but as far as the obsessive compulsive disorder, I can tell you many examples of ways that I have less fear than I had before in doing everyday things."

June Rhoton: "I would say that my particular case, I would probably say is an extreme case of obsessive compulsive disorder, including bad numbers and good numbers as a psychiatrist asked me one time, 'Do you have good numbers and bad numbers?' And I said, Yes!

June Rhoton: "And, I am doing much, much better. I do not have to redo walking on course or walking over course, I should say or, and I much better with numbers. I would avoid for example, in a grocery store, if I was up at the checkout counter and I realized that I had six items in my basket, I would go back and probably get one more item so that seven is a good number."

June Rhoton: "It is a dysfunction of the brain. It happens to be on the right side of the brain. And, it just so happens that the more compressed side of my skull has been the right side."

June Rhoton: "So as far as I am concerned, it's made a lot of sense because I have seen the PET scan in a book called Brain Lock that explains about OCD. And, the problem in the brain is on the right hand side."

June Rhoton: "So, I do not know if that is true of everyone who has OCD that they have more compression on the right side of their skull or not, but that happens to be my case. And, I feel much more optimistic about my future. I am happier. I have more energy than I did before. And, I guess my dilemma now is I am not sure exactly what I want to or should be doing with my life, with the remainder of my life at this point."

June Rhoton: "Another example of the way his treatments have helped me is that, I have no problem sitting on the left-hand side of the bus now. I used to think that somehow the right side was better, was safer, a safer choice. So I would always sit on the right-hand side of the bus."

June Rhoton: "And, the smallest decision, like where to sit on the bus when there are many empty seats poses problems for people with OCD because, they look for the safest, best decision here even though it is not a significant decision."

June Rhoton: "It is very difficult to work on doing things that you are afraid to do all by yourself. And, his treatments have made it much easier for me to challenge myself to do the things that I have had fear doing. And, that is probably the most significant way that Dr. Howell has helped me."

June Rhoton: "Although, my posture is immensely better. I don't have the pains in my back that I had before. Even walking a long distance, and running a long distance, I would have pain in my upper back, just from holding my body up. And, as I said sitting for a long period of time working at a desk, I would be in pain if I did that for a long period of time. And, my back is very, very much better."



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a personal testimonial
about NCR from Iris Moore.

Iris Moore's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Dean Howell: "We're going to now see Iris Moore's testimonial. Iris decided, after her first day of treatment, that she needed to talk to the world about how much change she experienced just from that first day."

Iris Moore: "I've been waiting for four years to see Dr. Howell for several body conditions because, when I was a child, I had a very bad bicycle accident that broke my nose and damaged my teeth,  rearranged my body so that my right side went down three inches, until I got some Rolfing when I was about 41."

Iris Moore: "And, though I've also been deaf in my left ear since,  age seven. I've only had two treatments. This will be the third day and I haven't had my treatment yet. But just, the first day I was really shocked. I never, never dreamed in all my wildest dreams that if a person broke their nose you could unbreak it."

Iris Moore: "And on the first treatment I was very fortunate in that the balloon went up the left nostril. It cracked. There was a crack. And, it was very quick...even though it was not so pleasant. Very quick! Very tolerable! And, after that I could breathe for the first time in 53 years. I could breathe. I was just elated, overjoyed."

Iris Moore: "Later on, I experienced what's called the retracing from the cell memory. 'Some people have this and some people don't,' Dr. Howe said."

Iris Moore: "And, so I did experience some of the same things in my body that I did at the time of the injury. And, I also had a, auto crash just three years ago where my forehead further got hit and the brain got influenced...memory, all the kinds of stuff."

Iris Moore: "So I was not, in pretty bad shape. He, and when he explored my, cranial bone, it was quite locked up...everything locked up."

Iris Moore: "I was diagnosed scoliosis which I didn't know. I had scoliosis of the spine a little bit. I knew I was having difficulty with a chronic right pelvis that wouldn't stay in. And, I've been going to chiropractors since age 17. And, put them in, they put them in, they go back out. Put them in, they go back out."

Iris Moore: "And so four years ago, I heard about Dr. Howell, where I was told that this cranial bones could be, you know, reloosened, and they restructure themselves and it would be permanent. So, yesterday on the second session, it was up the other nostril that it was also apparently related to the right pelvis. And, it took quite a bit but, we got it.

Iris Moore: "And so now, I have two nostrils that I can breathe out of. Quite exciting. I mean, it's so overwhelming. I have no words."

Iris Moore: "And, because I also had injured my mouth, I experienced quite a bit of sensation across here. And, the first treatment opened the left jaw. And, the second day treatment, this right one, between that day and this day, I felt very imbalanced...difficult talking.

Iris Moore: "It felt like the body is shifting and finding its own balance. So it's been very, very exciting. I can feel every, every bit of what's shifting in my body."

Iris Moore: "My eyes had quite a bit of difficulty...detached retinas. I have not been able to read lately from my right eye. And, diagnosed cataracts. And I just know that if you tune in next time there'll be something going on there. Because, as I walked in the mall today, I sensed my eyes changing. It went from strain to being able to see a little better and shifting back and once the cranial bones loosen, obviously, there's just this constant shifting of the body finding its comfortable place to be."

Iris Moore: "And, I just feel so fortunate. I really do feel that my hearing will come back. My right, hip is already tracking differently. And my spine feels different. I have a rib was damaged in the auto crash three years ago."

Iris Moore: "They worked on that. And I just want to say, that not only does Dr. Howell do miracles, but two assistants that work with him here in Bellevue are just miracle workers themselves. And,  based on how Dr. Howell reads the body, he's very quick and very adept. And, they take the reading and then what they do on the bodies, wherever they do it, is so totally different."

Iris Moore: "And, I've had a lot of body work including Rolfing. And, they are just obviously loosening the places that are next to be loosened, based on Dr. Howe's assessment after the body has changed from each treatment. I think that is just phenomenal."

Iris Moore: "I've never had that kind of careful work done on me before. So I have new hope! And, my face has changed considerably."

Iris Moore: "If you get the beginning picture of me, it will be quite different. From this, my nose flattened out the first, with the first treatment. Second treatment even more so but, then the jaw, the whole face came down, a bit. And it loosens the neck so that I don't look quite so 'double chinny' or, you know, stressed here."

Iris Moore: " And, it's just, completely different. My neck seems shorter because the face is come down where it belongs. So it's just totally amazing to me...what has happened.

Iris Moore: "That in, after 53 years, I can breathe. And, of the  things that have gone on in my body, because I couldn't breathe, are just amazing. And, if you don't get enough oxygen nothing really works right."

Iris Moore: "So I just feel like I have a new lease on life. And I would like to say to anyone watching this video, if you have a child who ever broke their nose, if you can see Dr. Howell sooner than later, you may not have to have a lifetime of other body problems. And, if you have a broken nose now, no matter how old you are, it's not too late. You can, you can get all this loosened up and you can breathe again. Thank you.


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a personal testimonial
about NCR from Hillary Lampers.

Hillary Lampers personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Dean Howell: "Hilary Lampers is featured next. Hilary and I initially met when I hired her to work on me because I was overworking and needed muscle work. Hilary is a massage therapist. When I first had her come to me and saw what pain she was in, I insisted that I begin working on her before I would let her massage me. Later, she became my massage therapist, and is now in Naturopathic Medical School so that she can do this therapy as well. For the rest of it, let's let Hilary tell her story.

Hilary Lampers: "My name is Hilary Lampers, and I am Dr. Dean Howell's assistant. I've been working with him now for three years. I've known him for almost four. Before I worked here, I was a patient, and then there's a story that goes along with why I work here. And it's mainly because pretty much my life was changed by coming here."

Hilary Lampers: "Most of my life, I had severe head pressure. When I was born, they used forceps on me, and I had had a series of car accidents and so on and so forth over the years. My head pretty much hurt when I woke up, and it hurt when I went to bed. And I wouldn't really call it headache. I would just say that I had a lot of pressure, like someone was squeezing my head all the time. I had a vice grip on my head."

Hilary Lampers: "And for being so young and having this pain for pretty much most of my life, it gradually was getting worse and worse and worse. I was pretty hopeless. I finally decided to do the NCR, and I did the NCR in March of 1997 was my first session. And it was the first night in my life that I can remember where I went to bed with no head pressure. And I woke up with no head pressure. And so that four-day session just really changed my whole view of how body work is done and what health actually is because as far as I was concerned, there was not going to be anything that was going to take my head pressure away."

Hilary Lampers: "My head pressure went away for about two months, and then I started gradually getting it back, and I knew that I needed to come back. So I came back and I got another session, and in the eight-month period of time, I had three, maybe four sessions. And it took about that long and my head pressure was totally gone. I haven't had the same head pressure since August of 1997, so that March, May, June, July, August Ė that's actually six months.

Hilary Lampers: "My headache, head pressure was gone. It's not only changed my life, it's changed my whole family's life because my mother's come, my brother's come, my stepfather, most of my friends and my husband, and some other family members."

Hilary Lampers: "It's just opened up this whole wealth, you know, of communication between people, and it's exciting. And I feel really fortunate to have been a part of that. So the technique that I do which was taught to me by Dr. Howell, and it was the technique that he started using on me before I would let him do NCR on my head, but he trained me in it, and over the years I've been working with it."

Hilary Lampers: "He modifies it and you modify it, as well as the treatments, you know. It's always changing, it's always getting better. Now, I am in the process of finishing my Bachelor's Degree and going into medical school so that I can do what Dr. Howell does."

Hilary Lampers: "I want to be a doctor and do NCR for my future, so pretty much, you know, my life is on a totally different track."

Hilary Lampers: "I don't have headaches anymore. Not only did it make my headaches go away, but my face is totally different. If you could see pictures of me from three years ago, I look totally different."

Hilary Lampers: "I feel like I look younger. I feel younger than I did three years ago. I would say to anybody who is even thinking about it that there is no other structural physical medicine as powerful as this."

Hilary Lampers: "And, you don't even know what your brain can do and how good you can feel until you do this."


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about NCR from Ginny Stafford.

Ginny Stafford's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Howell: "This next section features Ginny Stafford. Ginny Stafford came to me originally for scoliosis. That her scoliosis was so severe that she had already been scheduled to have the corrective surgery for scoliosis."

Dr. Howell: "Scoliosis is when the spine is twisted. It's actually in a spiral shape. Most people will believe that their backs are S-shaped because when a flat X-ray is taken, a spiral looks rather like an S and when it's severe enough, the scoliosis starts compressing the heart and lungs and surgeons prefer to cut open the person and insert rods up the length of their spine to straighten them out to prevent the compression of their heart and lungs."

Dr. Howell: "So, Jennie's scoliosis was that severe. Then she came to me and for her, I think her life is really different.

Ginny Stafford: "My name is Jennie Stafford. And I found out about Dr. Howell through the materials of Sam Biser that he sells. I was reading one day in there, in the manual, and there was a small chapter and I read the material and it was about Dr. Howell.

Dr. Howell: "And, I called immediately and I'm so glad I did because, I have a severe 90 degree scoliosis and I was in pain from my knees to my waist and all of the pain is gone!"

Dr. Howell: "When I first went to his office I couldn't hardly walk up the steps and now I have no problems walking up the steps. I can breathe. And I...anyone that has scoliosis needs to come here and have this done. It's just wonderful. Your whole life will change. He saved my life."



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a personal testimonial
about NCR from Dr. Hauser.

Dr. Ross Hauser's personal testimonial about his benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Howell: "Now weíll hear from Dr. Ross Hauser, one of the physicians Iíve trained in NeuroCranial Restructuring. Dr. Hauser is a medical doctor who has a large physical medicine practice in the Chicago, Illinois area, as part of his natural healing clinic, which is one of the largest in the United States."

Dr. Howell: "Dr. Hauser has written two books on prolotherapy. Oneís entitled Prolo Your Pain Away and the second Prolo Your Sports Injury Away. He found that the blend of prolotherapy joined to NeuroCranial Restructuring was much more powerful than the prolotherapy alone. He has more to tell you right now."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "Hi. My nameís Ross Hauser. Iím a medical doctor and practitioner of NCR. I was fortunate to get trained in NCR by Dr. Howell."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "Iím the medical director of Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services, a natural medicine clinic in Oak Park, Illinois. I am also the author of several books on natural medicine, including the well-known book, Prolo Your Pain Away: Curing Chronic Pain with Prolotherapy."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "'Doctor, why did you get involved in NeuroCranial restructuring?' Well, first of all, I myself suffer from some medical conditions such as an inability to smell, some pain on the right side of my body, such as TMJ syndrome, as well as having some concentration difficulty."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "Well, lo and behold, after just four NCR treatments by Dr. Howell, I could smell for the first time in years. My TMJ vastly improved and my concentration and attention was phenomenal. And, these are similar results that Iíve seen in my patients, being a practitioner of NCR."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "If a person suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, concentration difficulties, autism, Downs Syndrome, balance difficulties, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, vertigo, allergies, chronic sinusitis, chronic neck pain, back pain, scoliosis, headaches, torticollis, tremor, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia...these are the kinds of conditions that respond very well to NCR."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "Doctor, how will a physician know if I am an appropriate NCR candidate?' Beside having a certain symptomology or having various medical conditions that are known to respond to NCR, often a doctor or clinician trained in NCR can look at a personís face and know that theyíre going to be an appropriate candidate for NCR."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "What a physician or clinician is looking for is various asymmetries in the face. For instance, a personís nose may be crooked or the cheekbones may be more full on one side or the other. These give an indication that a person will respond very well to NCR."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "'Doctor, how can NCR help such condition as mental fatigue, concentration, attention disorders, memory problems and such psychiatric conditions as anxiety and depression?' Well, all these conditions are helped when one improves the bodyís hormone production as well as increasing the hormone production in the brain."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "By manipulating the sphenoid bone and affecting the pituitary gland function, as well as the various areas of the brain in regard to neurotransmitter formation and circulation, NCR causes dramatic improvements in these conditions."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "Memory often improves. Attention, concentration, mental fog, anxiety and depression, and this is without medications or even herbal remedies."

Dr. Ross Hauser: "'What do I like most about NCR?' Well, NCR is very safe. There has been over a million NCR treatments done without any long-term bad side effects. Itís an extremely safe procedure. "

Dr. Ross Hauser: "Second, it can be utilized in the context of comprehensive natural medicine. If a personís using a particular dietary regime, herbal regime or other interventional techniques, such as neurotherapy and prolotherapy, NCR can be a great adjunct to that treatment protocol.

Dr. Ross Hauser: "Thirdly, NCR is very effective. So by utilizing NCR in a personís particular natural medical regime, they can improve their health very quickly."



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a personal testimonial
about NCR from Cindy Lovejoy.

Cindy Lovejoy's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Howell: "Dr. Cindy Lovejoy is a psychologist who has come to me for treatment of scoliosis.

Dr. Cindy Lovejoy: "Hello, my name is Dr. Cindy Lovejoy. I am a marriage, family, child therapist. And, Iíve been seeing Dean Howell for about 14 months. And, weíve gotten lots of good results. I wanted to tell you about it."

Dr. Cindy Lovejoy: "I have had scoliosis in my back since early childhood. Itís very curved, very rotating and caused me lots of pain, nerve damage, Fibromyalgia and Iíve been in a lot of pain for about 25 years."

Dr. Cindy Lovejoy: "Iíve been to many chiropractors. Iíve done all the holistic health things that can be done and Iíve gotten very little benefit."

Dr. Cindy Lovejoy: "So a friend of mine told me about Dr. Howell about over a year ago and I said, "No listen, Iíve been to too many people. Iíve had too much work and nothing has helped, Iím not going to do it."

Dr. Cindy Lovejoy: "And so, my friend drives me to see Dr. Howell in San Diego. I was very, leery, didnít expect a whole lot of results and within the first round of treatment, I began to feel that this is going to make a difference, I could feel my spine shift some. Some of the pressure got off of it."

I didnít have as much pain and I could just tell this was making a difference. So, because this is the first thing Iíve really had success with, Iíve gone wholehearted into getting treatment. In a year and a half, Iíve had over 25 rounds of treatment and am continuing to make good progress."

Dr. Cindy Lovejoy: "Iím out of pain most of the time now. My Fibromyalgia has improved. Iím walking a lot that I couldnít do before."

Dr. Cindy Lovejoy: "Iím looking younger. Iím 58 years old, but people tell me I look 40. So, I like that a lot. And the good news for me is that each treatment, I get better."

Dr. Cindy Lovejoy: "And, just knowing that this is here and I can keep doing it has been whatís really given me hope. Not only hope, Iím getting results. 

Dr. Cindy Lovejoy: "I really encourage everyone that has any sort of spinal condition to look into this treatment because it does make a difference. I have a Ph.D. in psychology and am quite educated in different health issues and this is the first one that has made a significant difference."



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personal testimonial about
NCR from Amber Dusk.

Amber Dusk's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy
Dr. Howell: "Now we'll hear from Amber Dusk. Amber Dusk came to me originally because of severe chronic pain in the head, neck, and back. And NeuroCranial Restructuring has worked wonderfully for her, and now she'll share that with you."

Amber Dusk: "I'm Amber Dusk, and I used to go to chiropractors. I went to chiropractors for about 20 years. My neck was always bothering me and my mid-back, and my lower back. It wasn't horrible, but I was always a little bit uncomfortable. And, I was always rubbing my neck."

Amber Dusk: "And, after 20 years of chiropractic and not really getting anywhere, I heard about Dr. Howell. And, after my first series, I actually started experiencing no neck pain."

Amber Dusk: "And, after my second series, I basically feel, felt very balanced. I'm doing my ninth series now because I want to be as balanced as I can!"

Amber Dusk: "And, I realized a few weeks ago that I actually float when I walk now. I used to feel like I trudged along and I used to feel the gravity, and I used to try and stand up straight. And I was always trying, and I couldn't sit straight because unless I had lower back support, my back would ache."

Amber Dusk: "I can now sit on a stool, which I don't remember having done for many years. In general, my quality of comfort has  improved tremendously."

Amber Dusk: "I didn't have a dramatic problem. I didn't come for a dramatic problem, so a lot of these benefits that I got were unexpected."

Amber Dusk: "It's hard for me to imagine not having Dr. Howell in the world to come back to whenever I might have any future problems. I know people who have been in car accidents, and the thought possibly getting in one and then not have Dr. Howell to come to makes me really appreciate his being here."

Amber Dusk: "And, it makes me feel great to know that there's someone there that can, that can help with so many things. I've talked to so many people that have had so many issues that were resolved."

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NeuroCranial Restructuring may help a wide range of symptoms including: Acute and chronic ostitis media, Alzheimer's Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), anxiety and nervousness, arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Autism, Bipolar Disorder, brain surgery, Bruxism, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Fatigue, concussion, deafness, depression, double vision, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dystonia, ear infections, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, head injuries, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Kyphyosis (hunchback), learning disabilities, Lordosis (swayback), Lou Gehrig's Disease, low energy, lymphatic toxins, Lymphoma, manic depression, migraines, military spine, Multiple Sclerosis, muscle spasms, neck pain, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, orthodontic stress, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's Disease, phobias, Polio, poor concentration, psychosis, relationship difficulties, Schizophrenia, Sciatica, Scoliosis and spiral spine, seizures, shoulder and neck pain, sinus disorders and sinusitis, Sleep Apnea, snoring, strokes, teeth grinding, Tinnitus, TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) and TMD (Temporomandibular Disc), Vertigo and balance problems, whiplash and headaches.

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