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"Iris Moore's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy after she lost her hearing in her left ear after a bad bicycle accident and severe auto accident."



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Iris Moore

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Iris Moore

Dr. Dean Howell: "We're going to now see Iris Moore's testimonial. Iris decided, after her first day of treatment, that she needed to talk to the world about how much change she experienced just from that first day."

Iris Moore: "I've been waiting for four years to see Dr. Howell for several body conditions because, when I was a child, I had a very bad bicycle accident that broke my nose and damaged my teeth,  rearranged my body so that my right side went down three inches, until I got some Rolfing when I was about 41."

Iris Moore: "And, though I've also been deaf in my left ear since,  age seven. I've only had two treatments. This will be the third day and I haven't had my treatment yet. But just, the first day I was really shocked. I never, never dreamed in all my wildest dreams that if a person broke their nose you could unbreak it."

Iris Moore: "And on the first treatment I was very fortunate in that the balloon went up the left nostril. It cracked. There was a crack. And, it was very quick...even though it was not so pleasant. Very quick! Very tolerable! And, after that I could breathe for the first time in 53 years. I could breathe. I was just elated, overjoyed."

Iris Moore: "Later on, I experienced what's called the retracing from the cell memory. 'Some people have this and some people don't,' Dr. Howe said."

Iris Moore: "And, so I did experience some of the same things in my body that I did at the time of the injury. And, I also had a, auto crash just three years ago where my forehead further got hit and the brain got influenced...memory, all the kinds of stuff."

Iris Moore: "So I was not, in pretty bad shape. He, and when he explored my, cranial bone, it was quite locked up...everything locked up."

Iris Moore: "I was diagnosed scoliosis which I didn't know. I had scoliosis of the spine a little bit. I knew I was having difficulty with a chronic right pelvis that wouldn't stay in. And, I've been going to chiropractors since age 17. And, put them in, they put them in, they go back out. Put them in, they go back out."

Iris Moore: "And so four years ago, I heard about Dr. Howell, where I was told that this cranial bones could be, you know, reloosened, and they restructure themselves and it would be permanent. So, yesterday on the second session, it was up the other nostril that it was also apparently related to the right pelvis. And, it took quite a bit but, we got it.

Iris Moore: "And so now, I have two nostrils that I can breathe out of. Quite exciting. I mean, it's so overwhelming. I have no words."

Iris Moore: "And, because I also had injured my mouth, I experienced quite a bit of sensation across here. And, the first treatment opened the left jaw. And, the second day treatment, this right one, between that day and this day, I felt very imbalanced...difficult talking.

Iris Moore: "It felt like the body is shifting and finding its own balance. So it's been very, very exciting. I can feel every, every bit of what's shifting in my body."

Iris Moore: "My eyes had quite a bit of difficulty...detached Vitrius. I have not been able to read lately from my right eye. And, diagnosed cataracts. And I just know that if you tune in next time there'll be something going on there. Because, as I walked in the mall today, I sensed my eyes changing. It went from strain to being able to see a little better and shifting back and once the cranial bones loosen, obviously, there's just this constant shifting of the body finding its comfortable place to be."

Iris Moore: "And, I just feel so fortunate. I really do feel that my hearing will come back. My right, hip is already tracking differently. And my spine feels different. I have a rib was damaged in the auto crash three years ago."

Iris Moore: "They worked on that. And I just want to say, that not only does Dr. Howell do miracles, but two assistants that work with him here in Bellevue are just miracle workers themselves. And,  based on how Dr. Howell reads the body, he's very quick and very adept. And, they take the reading and then what they do on the bodies, wherever they do it, is so totally different."

Iris Moore: "And, I've had a lot of body work including Rolfing. And, they are just obviously loosening the places that are next to be loosened, based on Dr. Howe's assessment after the body has changed from each treatment. I think that is just phenomenal."

Iris Moore: "I've never had that kind of careful work done on me before. So I have new hope! And, my face has changed considerably."

Iris Moore: "If you get the beginning picture of me, it will be quite different. From this, my nose flattened out the first, with the first treatment. Second treatment even more so but, then the jaw, the whole face came down, a bit. And it loosens the neck so that I don't look quite so 'double chinny' or, you know, stressed here."

Iris Moore: " And, it's just, completely different. My neck seems shorter because the face is come down where it belongs. So it's just totally amazing to me...what has happened.

Iris Moore: "That in, after 53 years, I can breathe. And, of the  things that have gone on in my body, because I couldn't breathe, are just amazing. And, if you don't get enough oxygen nothing really works right."

Iris Moore: "So I just feel like I have a new lease on life. And I would like to say to anyone watching this video, if you have a child who ever broke their nose, if you can see Dr. Howell sooner than later, you may not have to have a lifetime of other body problems. And, if you have a broken nose now, no matter how old you are, it's not too late. You can, you can get all this loosened up and you can breathe again. Thank you.

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