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"Karen Jensen's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy after she had problems with her vision caused by numerous broken noses, courtesy of her twin brothers."


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Karen Jensen

Dr. Dean Howell: "Our first person today is Karen Jensen, who just by chance grew up with me in my home town of Everett, Washington. And, she, amongst other things, is going to talk about her improvements in her vision."

Dr. Dean Howell: "NeuroCranial Restructuring often improves vision because of the way the head bones move. You know, there are bones that make up your eye socket...the orbits of the eyes, they're called. And as NeuroCranial Restructuring optimizes your head shape as it optimizes, the symmetry and the positioning of these bones improve so that the eyes work more and more together, sharpening images and improving depth perception. So here's Karen."

Karen Jensen: "I grew up with Dr. Howell in Everett and we went from grade school all the way up through high school together and then my girlfriend that lives in the same building that I do was seeing Dr. Howell in Everett and she convinced me to come, you know, and see Dr. Howell and since I already knew him, it was quite a surprise that I had gone to school with him."

Karen Jensen: "And he had made a tremendous difference in her life and I've only had one series with Dr. Howell but, after the very first treatment, my balance was remarkably improved. And, the second treatments he was able to open up my nasal passages."

Karen Jensen: "I was raised with twin brothers two years younger than myself and they were real rambunctious and they broke my nose at least five or six times while we were growing up. So my nasal passage is completely blocked, like 90 percent, and Dr. Howell was able to get movement and it's 100 percent open now. It's really nice to be able to get oxygen through your nose and not have to be a mouth breather anymore."

Karen Jensen: "And, two weeks after the treatment I was riding a bus and I heard this really loud cracking sound. And all of a sudden everything just brightened up but like the room got real bright. Colors were more vibrant and the man that was sitting next to me asked me if, you know, 'What's that loud cracking noises." And, I said well you're not going to believe it but it was the bones in my head. And, of course, he did think I was a nut but that doesn't matter to me because it really, it was just fabulous."

Karen Jensen: "I mean this, because, I'm an artist and to be able to see things brighter and more vibrant. So the nerve, the optical nerve, must have been pinched or something for that reaction to happen."

Karen Jensen: "And about three weeks afterwards, I was sitting in church and I heard another really loud pop and the small of my back pushed right into the pew and I've had a, what do you call that, swayback for quite a few years since a real bad accident I was in in 1979. And, I haven't been able to put my back down flat into the pew, in, you know, in 20 years."

Karen Jensen: "So it was just...it was amazing because I didn't move. I didn't adjust my pelvis. It just went into the pew. And, so my balance is better. I'm able to get around. I don't have bruises from head to toe anymore."

Karen Jensen: "And I'm hoping that I can continue to have more series with Dr. Howell because I would to get more, you know, results. But, the most remarkable one was the improvement in my vision. It was just incredible!"

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