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"Marisa Clayton's personal testimonial about her benefits from Neurocranial Restructuring therapy after she had serious sinus problems that caused her to be ridiculed when she was a young person."


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Marisa Clayton

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Marisa Clayton

Dr. Dean Howell: "Marisa Clayton is the next testimonial. Marissa is my niece and I began working on Marissa when she was six months old. Over the years, not only has Marissa changed, of course, she has grown up and is a lovely young model at this point, but also she seemed to work change from its original bilateral nasal specific, a treatment that goes back to the 1930s that I started with and all this various etiologies to become NeuroCranial Restructuring. She has seen a lot. She has a lot to tell and I think that you should here it from her right now."

Marisa Clayton: "Well, fortunately I have had the opportunity to be Dean's niece. And Iíve had cranials my whole life. When he first started doing treatments, I would have like ten on one nose and six on the other sometimes and now he had like just one. So itís really improved. And every time I see him he has a new technique and it makes it better so itís really good."

Marisa Clayton: "Iíve had a lot of sinus problems when I was like really, really young. Like, kids in school would call me 'booger queen' and stuff like that, but Dean fixed all that."

Marisa Clayton: "Iíve gotten in two car accidents this past year and thank God for Uncle Dean or else Iíd be in a lot of pain. And, I am able to move and I do yoga and I do dancing and I also do professional modeling.

Marisa Clayton: "And, as a model, like, features are really, really important and clients like me because my features are even, like the shape of my eyes and my cheekbones and my jaw line and I have a straight back and it helps on runway just walking because youíreóyouíre more balanced."

Marisa Clayton: "But anyways, my whole family has had the NCR treatment and my mom, sheósheís really fortunate to have a brother who is in charge of it. And, my sister and her boyfriend, and her boyfriend, who actually just got it done for the first time a few days ago, I could already tell his cheekbones are coming out and heís in so much of a happier mood."

Marisa Clayton: "Like, yesterday after my treatment I just started laughing afterwards. I couldnít stop but, I felt really dingy but it does change your personality after you change."

Marisa Clayton: "Like, sometimes Iíll be in a really, really bad mood because my back would be in so much pain and then after the treatment itís like, 'Ahhhh,' you know, itís like a deep breath and deep sigh and itís like a total change in your personality and the way you feel."

Marisa Clayton: "One thing that I think was really, really cool... when my brother was born he had his umbilical cord wrapped around his throat and he couldnít breathe. And, Uncle Dean was there and, just being born, he had little balloons and he used it on him and it saved his life."

Marisa Clayton: "So that was really wonderful and kind of sunk in. Also, another thing that I want to say is that Iíve learned a lot about like using pressure points on someoneís back and I see people who have to go through back surgery and I feel really, really sorry for them because itís not necessary. And, I donítóI recommend this for anyone whether youíre a football player or just a regular person who got in a serious car accident.

Marisa Clayton: "Anything! It totally helps. And I think itís made me taller. The doctor said I would be 5í4" and Iím 5í10" so.

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